PICKS OF THE WEEK - May 13, 2020


  • HARLEY QUINN #72: This issue of Harley Quinn takes the cake for best team-up you never knew you wanted. Riding hot off the tails of ‘Heroes in Crisis’ Harley and Booster Gold are back at it again and this time, thanks to writer Sam Humphries, we get to see two of DC’s biggest personalities mesh. Humphries makes them funny and frenzied as the duo try to solve a crime in our home turf of Los Angeles and he really plays up the LA stereotypes in humorous ways as they bounce around neighborhoods. Abel’s art is as charming as Hi-Fi’s coloring is bright. They add a sense of whimsy and softness that offset the wacky violence that always ensues when Harley Quinn is on the loose. Check this out if you’re a fan of the greatest hero you’ve never heard of Booster gold, or want to see Harley rough things up in the city of angels.


  • JUSTICE LEAGUE #44: This Issue of Justice league sets off a new run and creative team with Writer Robert Venditti and artist Xermanico steering this ship. They Waste absolutely no time as the story starts off with the League answering a distress call from Aquaman at the south pole. From there, the action ramps up as the League is pummeled by Monsters of myth from all sides. Bendetti does some great action on a grand scale by throwing a lot of elements in at once, while Xermanico’s art give the book a sense of speed and space detailing that action and motion into something both cinematic and daring. For fans of the Justice League this is a great jumping on point with a new story that by issues end will have them teaming up against a chilling cameo that will leave you captivated and craving the next issue.


  • SUPERMAN SMASHES THE KLAN TP: If you haven’t already, now is the time to grab the complete collection of this soon to be paramount tale of the Man of steel by Gene Yuen Yang and artist Gurihiru. Brother and sister Tommy and Roberta Lee team up with superman and Lois Lane as they take on the KKK while they learn about growing up and what it means to be a true hero. Don’t let this this book’s bright and bubbly animated art style fool you. DC is pulling no punches when it comes to talking about issues of race, othering, and confronting your community with this book that should be read by people of all ages. And what’s great about this creative team is they strive and achieve just that. If truth, justice, and creating a better American way is your jam grab this one hot off the shelf.

May 13, 2020 — Golden Apple
The P.O.W - 01/01/20 - THOR#1 / STAR WARS #1 / SUPERMAN GIANT #1

The P.O.W - 01/01/20 - THOR#1 / STAR WARS #1 / SUPERMAN GIANT #1

PICKS OF THE WEEK - Jan. 1, 2020


  • THOR #1: Thor is back and more badass than ever in this new series launch from the bad boy of comics himself Donny Cates and super star artist Nic Klein. As the new king of Asgard settles into his new role, calamity does not wait as Galactus falls in blazing glory on the shores of Asgard bringing some terrible news with him. Cates is on absolute fire with this one, taking Thor down a road you’d be surprised no writer has done yet considering the continuity of the character. But it is happening now and the result is electric. Klein’s art makes this whole issue feel epic and helpless as the weight of what Thor must do and face to save the Universe once again is both dark and deep. This is a AAA title that may end up being a new classic if Cates and Klein can pay their cards right, because the God of thunder is back and he is here with a booming vengeance.

Click Here for more Info and to BUY a copy


  • STAR WARS #1: Marvel’s Star Wars line kick off the new year with a high flying #1 sure to make you feel that the force is strong in this one. Taking place right after the events of Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker and crew are left asking questions of what do we do now and where do we go. Charles Soule is writing this beauty and adds a lot of questions and contemplation to show how rocked our cast of characters are in learning that Vader is Luke’s father. Then BAM! They are thrust into an all-out space battle with Artist Jesus Saiz pushing out some truly gorgeous artwork that would make any fan of the films weep. The action is fast and heavy in this issue compounded by the quieter character moments that fill in all the spaces in between; so be sure to make the jump to light speed to pick up this banner first issue.


  • SUPERMAN GIANT #1: This week’s first reprint of the Walmart exclusive, Superman Giant hits stores and does not disappoint. This Comic is the best bang for your buck when comes wanting to read about the man of steel. With a mix between old tales as well as all new material by Tom King make this no brainer after seeing his success with titles Mister Miracle and Heroes in Crisis. It’s a collection of creators bringing you the best of what Superman has to offer. Pick this up if you want to see king’s take the man of tomorrow or have friends or family who are big Superman fans and need a late gift hanging over from the holidays.

January 01, 2020 — Golden Apple
Batman Day with David Mack at Golden Apple Comics

Batman Day with David Mack at Golden Apple Comics

Celebrate the caped crusader at Golden Apple on BATMAN DAY, Saturday September 15. Meet creator and artist DAVID MACK (Jessica Jones, Kabuki) and get autographs on his newest DC Comic series "Cover".

Dark Nights Metal 4 5 6 Francesco Mattina Variant Batman Who Laughs

Dark Nights Metal 4 5 6 Francesco Mattina Variant Batman Who Laughs

Dark Nights Metal 4 Francesco Mattina went on sale last Friday.  We are officially sold out of the sets of 3 and the CGC 9.8 virgin. 

Did you miss the sale? Contact us now at to get on a special email list and get the latest updates first on upcoming projects, new books, sales and more.  Dark Nights Metal 5 and 6 is coming up and we have more amazing Francesco Mattina covers in the works.  Contact us today you don't want to miss them.

Dark Nights Metal 4 Francesco Mattina Variant Golden Apple Comics Batman Who Laughs

Golden Apple Comics still has the standard trade dress with METAL logo available for $12.95 and a few CGC 9.8 homage trade dress for $99.95

Color Trade LTD 3000

Homage Trade LTD 600

Virgin LTD 600

We also have a very limited number of Dark Nights Metal 5 Gabriele Dell'Otto available for sale.

Dark Nights Metal 5 Gabriele Dell'Otto Virgin Variant Batman Who Laughs Bulletrpoof

Golden Apple Comics Justice League Movie Ticket Giveaway Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere

Golden Apple Comics Justice League Movie Ticket Giveaway Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere

Are you excited for the new Justice League Movie? Do you want to go to the Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere?

The biggest stars of the DC Universe will be there, will you? Golden Apple Comics has several tickets and Justice League swag to hand out thanks to our friends at Warner Bros.

This is how you can score tickets:
Come to Golden Apple when we open at 11AM Thursday, Friday, Saturday OR Sunday THIS WEEK to get a pair of tickets plus a mask or poster (while supplies last). Each day the tickets will be given to the first 6 people who walk into the door.  No strings attached!

Justice League Swag Golden Apple Comics Red Carpet Premiere Movie Ticket Giveaway

These tickets for for the FAN ZONE! That's right, you get to be in the pit when ALL the stars hit the red carpet on Monday, a week from today.

Dark Nights Metal 4 Francesco Mattina Variant

Dark Nights Metal 4 Francesco Mattina Variant

Dark Nights Metal has been an amazing series. Francesco Mattina has been on fire with covers for Metal 1 and 3.  The Batman Who Laughs cover for issue 3 was some of his best work yet and sold out very fast!

Dark Nights Metal 3 Francesco Mattina Batman Who Laughs

Metal 4 has even more smiling faces on it!

Dark Nights Metal 4 Francesco Mattina Variant


Action Comics 1 Sells For $1800!

Action Comics 1 Sells For $1800!

We are always buying comic collections recently we found this cool article from May 20, 1973 from the Los Angeles Herald Examiner in one of them.  Headline states " Initial Superman Book Brings $1,800" .  The book was purchased by Mitch Mehdy.  At the time that was a huge sum for a comic, though that book now sells in the millions!


 If the book is as nice as it looks in the photo it is high grade!

Also in the collection a copy of the 1974 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.