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ROAD OF BONES #1 (05/22/2019) IDW

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(W) Douek, Rich (A) Cormack, Alex (C) Cormack, Alex
StockID: 107700 Diamond#: MAR190729

In 1953- the Siberian Gulag of Kolyma is hell on Earth-which is why Roman Morozov leaps at the chance to escape it. But even if they make it out- Roman and his fellow escapees still have hundreds of miles of frozen tundra between them and freedom. With the help of a mysterious being straight out of his childhood fairy tale stories- Roman just might make it-or is the being simply a manifestation of his brutal circumstances driving him insane? From writer Rich Douek (Gutter Magic) and artist Alex Cormack (Sink)- Road of Bones will carve a path of unrelenting dread right into your heart. Horror- history- and Russian folklore collide in this brutal survival tale- where the worst prison in the world is merely the gateway to even darker horrors.

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