Red Sonja Red Sitha #1 S 1:11 Leirix Li B&W FOC Bonus Variant GGA (05/04/2022) Dynamite


(W) Andolfo, Mirka (A) Pinti, Valentina (C) Yoon, Jung-Geun
StockID: 35318 SKU: FEB229767

BEHOLDàTHE DAUGHTER OF FIRE. Once possessed by Xamul- the spirit of the flame that possessed her- Sitha The Red has chosen to follow the path of the sword- inspired by the courage of her adopted mother- RED SONJA. Ten years have gone by- and Sitha is a young bounty hunter- always on the trail of the most dangerous criminals in the kingdom of Aquilonia! Until one day- someone returns from her past to involve her in a mission bordering on suicide...

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