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HARLEY QUINN #57 A DC Guillem March (01/09/2019)

  • $10.00

(W) Humphries, Sam (A) Timms, John (C) March, Guillem
StockID: 94783 Diamond#: NOV180451

There's been a murder in Gotham City- and all evidence points to just one suspect: Harley Quinn! Batman hunts Harley down on Coney Island- where they come to blows…but did she actually do the crime? Meanwhile- the Trials of Harley Quinn begin! The Lords of Order and Chaos send their harbinger Mirand'r-the ghost of a young- Earth-obsessed Tamaranean-to find a champion to complete their seven trials and become the Lords' archangel of retribution…and Harley Quinn is their new contender!

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