NIGHTWING #62 A Kyle Hotz Year Of The Villain THE OFFER (07/17/2019) DC


(W) Jurgens, Dan (A) Mooneyham, Chris (C) Hotz, Kyle
StockID: 113513 Diamond#: MAY190437

After the epic conclusion to the Burnback saga- it's clear that while he may have forgotten his past- Ric Grayson's innate skills and instincts as a team leader elevate Team Nightwing to a new level. But what does that mean for the Blüdhaven PD- and what does that mean for a man who is looking to live a life without the baggage of his past to hold him down? Ric seeks comfort in Bea's arms- but may find answers in another's Talons as we dive headlong into the Year of the Villain! Plus- Lex Luthor delivers the Court of Owls the means to own what they covet most: Ric Grayson.

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