SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #11 Marco Checchetto Roy Thomas (11/13/2019) MARVEL


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(W) Thomas, Roy (A) Davis, Alan (C) Checchetto, Marco
StockID: 127158 Diamond#: SEP190943

BARBARIAN ACTION AND INTRIGUE BY ROY THOMAS & ALAN DAVIS! • CONAN's latest job has gone awry- as he finds himself at the mercy of the Afghuli hillmen! • But even this is nothing compared to the threat hovering in the hidden mountain cave that SERRA hired him to find! • If they can escape the creatures- can they save the treasure? • What secret is ZUBAIR hiding and what is Serra REALLY after? • Plus: the penultimate chapter in the all-new novella 'THE SHADOW OF VENGEANCE'! Parental Advisory

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