THOR WORTHY #1 A Kim Jacinto Walter Simonson (12/04/2019) MARVEL


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LEGENDARY THOR CREATORS REUNITE FOR A THUNDEROUS CELEBRATION! Walter Simonson's Thor run is widely considered to be not only some of the best Thor comics of all time- but simply some of the best comics- period. Now the legend returns for a special tale about Thor and Beta Ray Bill - with art from Mike Hawthorne and beloved veteran Sal Buscema! And the trio is joined by yet another unforgettable Thor team: Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz- who will be telling an all-new Thunderstrike story! Finally- no Thor story would be complete without his most trusted companion: the berserker- the warrior extraordinaire- the Lady Sif! Kathyrn Immonen wrote one of the landmark Sif tales in her run on Journey Into Mystery - and now she returns for a brand-new journey! Rated T+

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