SEX CRIMINALS #26 B XXX Jason LATOUR Variant (MR) (01/29/2020) IMAGE


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(W) Fraction, Matt (A) Zdarsky, Chip (C) Latour, Jason
StockID: 132683 Diamond#: NOV190022

NEW STORY ARC! * THE SERIES? It's back. * JON AND SUZE? Also back. * THE BANK? MUST BE TAKEN DOWN. * THIS ARC? THE LAST. Gasp! * BULLET LISTS? How do you turn them off in Microsoft Word The highly anticipated return of the #1 New York Times bestselling humor/romance series SEX CRIMINALS kicks off its final story arc. Praised for its emotionally compelling characters- taut storytelling- and comedic genius- Time Magazine called it 'the best comic of the year' upon launch. Since its debut- SEX CRIMINALS has garnered coverage from such mainstream media outlets as Entertainment Weekly- Rolling Stone- NPR- and The Washington Post and won multiple awards. SEX CRIMINALS follows the adventures of Suzie and Jon-a couple who discover they can stop time when they have sex. This final chapter sees the reunion of writer MATT FRACTION (NOVEMBER- Hawkeye) and CHIP ZDARSKY (THE WHITE TREES- Daredevil).

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