GIVEN GN VOL 01 (C: 1-1-2) (02/12/2020) SUBLIME


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GIVEN GN VOL 01 (C: 1-1-2)
(W) Kizu, Natsuki (A) Kizu, Natsuki (C) Kizu, Natsuki
StockID: 137719 Diamond#: DEC192027

Sometimes a song can save your life. Love of music unites the four members of the band Given: hotheaded guitarist Uenoyama- playboy drummer Akihiko- gentle bassist Haruki- and Mafuyu- a singer gifted with great talent and burdened by past tragedy. Their struggles and conflicts may drive them apart- but their bond to the music - and to each other - always brings them back together again. Ritsuka Uenoyama is bored with it all-with school- with his basketball club- and even with his one true passion: playing guitar. Until the day he finds his favorite hidden napping spot occupied by a strange boy cradling a broken-stringed guitar. At first- Uenoyama is nonplussed by Mafuyu Sato and his slightly odd behavior- but when- on a whim- he asks the other boy to sing- the power of Mafuyu's voice pierces him to the core.

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