FETISHISMS SEXY WIVES GN (A) (C: 1-0-0) (01/15/2020) PROJECT H


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(W) Adachi, Takumi (A) Adachi, Takumi (C) Adachi, Takumi
StockID: 137836 Diamond#: DEC192144

With mediocre marriage comes great lust…for younger men! With husbands that are too weak- too neglectful- and too busy- what's a horny wife to do? Only one thing of course: find young blood! Follow these busty- middle-aged cougars on their sexual escapades as they prey on the young men that come their way! From the handsome lingerie salesman to the high school student just down the street- these horny women take what they want- when they want- and where they want! They want sex and they want it now! From the author of the Fetishisms series- Takumi Adachi- comes a new hit: Fetishisms: Sexy Wives This volume of Fetishisms focuses on sex lives of married women. What's not to love about married women? They're mature- experienced- and they take care of you! Married women need some lovin' too and in this volume there's more than enough of that middle-aged loving to go around!

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