STRANGE ACADEMY #1 1:25 Humberto RAMOS Variant (03/04/2020) MARVEL


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(W) Young, Skottie (A) Ramos, Humberto (C) Ramos, Humberto
StockID: 139475 Diamond#: JAN200799

A SORCERER SCHOOL FOR THE MARVEL UNIVERSE! The Marvel Universe has mysteriously changed in such an alarming way that Doctor Strange has done what he's avoided for decades; he's opened a school for young sorcerers. Young people from around the world with aptitude in magic have been brought together in New Orleans to study the Mystic Arts under Strange- Brother Voodoo- the Ancient One- the Scarlet Witch- Magik- Hellstrom and ALL your favorite Marvel magicians. But with all the new magical threats- is it too late?! Rated T

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