SPIDER-WOMAN #1 CGC Variant (C: 0-1-2) (03/25/2020) DYNAMIC FORCES


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StockID: 140425 Diamond#: JAN201749

Whether it's hunting Skrulls or taking down H.Y.D.R.A.- Spider-Woman's adventures have made her a favorite of readers for decades- and in March 2020- she'll be embarking on a brand-new one in SPIDER-WOMAN #1! The enigmatic Avenger has always been as mysterious as she is fearless- and her latest series opens with her not feeling quite herself… Looking for fresh thrills- Spider-Woman takes on a job that puts her in the crosshairs of an all-new enemy! She soon finds herself caught in a web of intrigue- surrounded by unknown forces bent on her destruction. With danger on all sides and her deadly past coming to haunt her- Spider-Woman is in for an action-packed ride- and she wouldn't have it any other way! FINAL COVER MAY VARY. ALLOCATIONS MAY OCCUR.

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