Star Wars #6 John Tyler Christopher Yellow Lightsaber Action Figure Variant (09/16/2020) Marvel


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(W) Soule, Charles (A) Saiz, Jesus (C) Zircher, Patrick
StockID: 145725 Diamond#: MAR201072

THE PATH TO JEDI WISDOM…OR A DEADLY TRAP OF THE DARK SIDE? • THE FORCE led LUKE SKYWALKER to someone who can provide him with great insight into the path to JEDI wisdom… • But their meeting will change Skywalker FOREVER. Luke thought his duel against his father- Darth Vader- was the ultimate test. But Luke's trials have only just begun. • The galaxy needs Luke Skywalker. And a Jedi needs a weapon! • Meanwhile- Vader continues his search for his long-lost son- and the REBEL ALLIANCE finds itself on the verge of a losing all hope. Rated T

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