Mmw Defenders Hc Vol 07 (09/16/2020)


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Doctor Strange and the Defenders face a crisis when the Eye of Agamotto is stolen by the bizarre Xenogenesis cult. If the demon woshippers succeed- the Elder Gods will be unleashed on Earth. Hellcat emerges from the battle with new powers- but they can't save her from Membership Madness! Comics' famous non-team begins a membership drive that brings a horde of heroes to their doorstep- and heroes always play nice with each other- right? Next- it's off to Asgard where Valkyrie is split from her human side- leading to a struggle for the hero's soul. We conclude with an otherdimensional epic revealing the bizarre world of Lunatik and a fight with Foolkiller that puts the future of the Defenders at risk. Collecting DEFENDERS (1972) #58-75 and MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #16. Rated T

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