War Of Realms Omnibus Hc Adams Dm Var (09/02/2020)


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Penciled by RUSSELL DAUTERMAN- MIKE DEL MUNDO- SCOTT HEPBURN- ED McGUINNESS & ANDREA SORRENTINO The Ten Realms have all fallen to Malekith and his army - except one. Now- at last- Midgard burns! All hell breaks loose in New York City as Malekith and his allies begin their assault - and with Thor trapped in the land of the Frost Giants- Earth's forces are overwhelmed! What can possibly stop the diabolical Dark Elf and his army? Spider-Man- Captain America- the Punisher- Ghost Rider- Blade- Hulk and more join the fray as Jason Aaron's epic THOR saga reaches a crescendo that explodes across the Marvel Universe! Featuring all of Aaron's WAR OF THE REALMS stories in one legendary hardcover - including THOR- AVENGERS and the saga of the all-seeing Daredevil- the God Without Fear! Collecting WAR OF THE REALMS #1-6- WAR OF THE REALMS OMEGA (2019) 1- THOR (2018) #12-16- AVENGERS (2018) #18-20 and material from WAR OF THE REALMS: WAR SCROLLS #1-3. Rated T+

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