Chastity Tp Vol 01 Life Death (C: 0-1-2) (04/22/2020)


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(W) Andreyko, Marc (A) Acosta, Dave (C) Lupacchino, Emanuela
StockID: 145800 Diamond#: MAR201147

Chastity- the classic Chaos! Comics character- returns... reimagined and ready for blood! After a career-ending injury shatters her Olympic dreams- seventeen year-old Chastity Marks finds an escape in Alyce Stonecliff's popular series of vampire novels. Little does she know- however- that the books conceal a secret underworld of blood- agony- and death... one that she will be dragged into- kicking and screaming! Falling victim to the author's seductive charm- drawing the attention of the enigmatic Council- and discovering a tragedy at her own doorstep- will Chastity survive the coming darkness? And even if she does- will she remain human- become a vampire- or evolve into something new and even more fearsome?

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