Notes From Shadowed City Illus Novel Sc (C: 0-1-0) (05/27/2020)


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(W) Love, Jeffrey Alan (A) Love, Jeffrey Alan (C) Love, Jeffrey Alan
StockID: 146530 Diamond#: MAR201877

From the imagination of award-winning artist Jeffrey Alan Love comes this illustrated tale of swords and magic- memory and loss- and the overwhelming desire to find a way home no matter the cost. Notes From the Shadowed City is the travelogue of a young man who sets off on a journey to research magical swords. He finds himself stranded in a land he does not know and enters a city with no name over which looms an ominous floating citadel. As he seeks a way home- he fills his notebook with drawings and observations of his life in this strange place. It is full of masked swordsmen- cities that walk- ancient gods- swords made from petrified trees and dragons that move mountains. There's also a mysterious woman who captures his heart.

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