Bone Adventures Sc Vol 01 Finders Keepers (C: 1-1-0) (05/06/2020)


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(W) Smith, Jeff (A) Smith, Jeff (C) Smith, Jeff
StockID: 146554 Diamond#: MAR201901

For the youngest fans of the bestselling graphic novel series Bone- Jeff Smith has created two hilarious tales to delight beginning readers. the Bone cousins find a coin -- finders keepers! -- but the boys can't agree on how to spend it. Fone Bone wants an apple and bananas they can share. Smiley Bone wants an ice cream cone with a pickle on top. And Phoney Bone wants to build a giant statue... of himself! Whose idea will win out? Then- Smiley Bone walks through the woods on a beautiful morning. During his journey- he meets a flock of friendly and playful birds. Smiley is having such a good time that he must find a fantastical way to keep up with his new friends as they soar into the big- blue sky. Available in softcover and hardcover editions.

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