Breathers #3 B Madson (05/27/2020) It'S Alive


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(W) Madson, Justin (A) Madson, Justin (C) Madson, Justin
StockID: 146607 Diamond#: MAR201954

SYNOPSIS: The story of BREATHERS follows a small cast of individuals as they struggle to make sense of the dystopian world they live in- as a virus is unleashed into the air- rendering it deadly to humans. Among them: a detective whose addiction to the drug known as 'Filter K' takes over his life; a brother and sister who- due to recent events- start to wonder if the air really is deadly- or if it's all just a conspiracy; a mother and daughter who will do anything to keep their family together; and a breather salesman who is looking to make amends for his past mistakes. They are all survivors of this virus-plagued world. They are all 'breathers'. Don't miss this ongoing series that Monkeys Fighting Robots called- 'an Indie Masterpiece'!

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