Dose #1 C Fitzgibbon (05/06/2020) It'S Alive


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(W) Ellis, Sean (A) Gebbia, John (C) Fitzgibbon, Sean
StockID: 146610 Diamond#: MAR201957

SYNOPSIS: DOSE! is a unique reinterpretation of the super hero genre which explores what would happen to society if the technology and superhero population introduced in the Silver Age of Comics grew exponentially through today. Super Powers are mundane- kaiju walk the streets- and cybernetic enhancement surgery is just a phone call away-if you have the cubits to pay for it- that is. Within this environment- we meet the Screw Worm- an unemployed- ex-teenage metahero sidekick with a growing dependency on drugs and too much time on his hands. Through a series of calamitous events- the Screw Worm unwittingly stumbles onto a conspiracy that threatens to hasten the destruction of a world already teetering on the edge of collapse.

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