Peng Action Sports Adventure Gn (07/29/2020)


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(W) Lewis, Corey (A) Lewis, Corey (C) Lewis, Corey
StockID: 146650 Diamond#: MAR201997

Welcome to the All-World School of Sportsmanship- where kids from all over train to become the best athletes in a world obsessed with even the most marginal sports. PENG! follows students Rocky- Sassy- Ven- and Radley-also known as the FOOT KNUX. Together they will master action-packed 'fringe' sports like kickball- breakdancing and hacky sack! Our heroes battle boredom- the sun in their eyes- their own self-doubt- and strange and unusual baddies like the Aurora Skeddos and The Biter- mystical foes who are also vying for victory! With a little love and luck- the FOOT KNUX may just win the game-and your heart!

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