Suncatcher Hc Gn (C: 0-1-0) (05/20/2020)


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(W) Pimienta, Jose (A) Pimienta, Jose
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If life wasn't already hard enough for Beatriz - being a teenager- trying to start a band- and going to school - then she discovers that her grandfather's soul has been trapped in an old guitar- and that the only way to free him is to play the perfect song- his perfect song- a song that he never actually wrote down. She's determined to save her grandfather- but as music slowly takes over her life- she soon finds herself growing obsessed with his song- and making it absolutely flawless- at the expense of her friendships- her band- and her health. A story filled with music- passion- supernatural secrets- and family- Jose Pimienta's Suncatcher brings to life a contemporary story of life in Mexicali with a supernatural twist and a lot of music. Available in softcover and hardcover editions.

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