Parham Itan Tales From Beyond Gn Vol 01 (04/15/2020)


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(W) Sorano, Kaili (A) Sorano, Kaili (C) Sorano, Kaili
StockID: 146964 Diamond#: MAR202311

Yamagishi and Sendo are schoolmates- but that's about as far as their similarities go: one is a short- no-nonsense boxer- while the other is a tall- bookish conspiracy nut. But when they find themselves embroiled in a paranormal phenomenon at school involving plant-faced monster people assimilating innocent victims- it seems they'll have to set aside their differences and work together as best as they can. Of course- it doesn't help that the only one with any answers to this bizarre situation is a mysterious "paranormal investigator" named Akisato- who insists they must find some sort of "key" to stop it all — before giant insects and other preternatural perils from the world "beyond" get to them first. Inspired by Lovecraftian horror and the Call of Cthulhu- this is a brand-new manga series from the creator of Monochrome Factor!

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