Flash Giant #5 Reverse Professor Zoom (06/10/2020) DC


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The Flash races against the Reverse Flash in the hopes of freeing the future Central City from Eobard Thawne's grasp! At every turn- Eobard is right on Barry's heels. Can the Scarlet Speedster evade the Reverse Flash's pursuit and save the future? Then- It's Flash Day in Central City- and the parade is in full swing- but one person isn't thrilled: Barry Allen. Hating the attention- Barry just wants the day to be over- but that might come sooner than expected when Tar Pit shows up! Plus these reprint tales: • 'Gorilla Warfare Part Five-' The Flash #17 (2013) • 'The Death and Life of Oliver Queen Part Four' from Green Arrow #4 (2016) • 'Secrets Part One-' from Blue Beetle #5 (2006)

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