Iron Man #1 B RB Silva Launch Variant (09/16/2020) Marvel


(W) Cantwell, Christopher (A) CAFU, (C) Silva, R. B.
StockID: 153979 Diamond#: JUL200597

BIG IRON! Tony Stark is looking to restart his engine. He decides he's going back to basics- putting away his high-tech toys and high-profile image so he can get his hands dirty again. It's time to dig into the guts of real machines- put on some old-fashioned metal and fly. But can he really lay that Stark-sized ego down? Life isn't that simple- something that old friends and frustrating foes are quick to point out. If you strip down a billionaire to his bolts- does he run solid or just overheat? Tony's going to find out once a threat to the entire universe rears its head from the past. As he suits up again- Tony remains sure of one thing: he's still IRON MAN down to his flesh and blood core. Rated T+

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