Sabertooth Dan Vs Brunch #1 A Rivers (03/23/2022) Scout


(W) Rivers, C. (A) Rivers, C.
StockID: 30429 Diamond#: JAN221636

Scoot Imprint: Sabretooth Dan tries to escape brunch with Princess Termagant and her horrible sisters by stretching the truth- quite a bit- about an urgent adventure. He flies away on his sword- and the fib quickly snowballs from a simple pillaging to an intergalactic battle! There are vikings- the Gorilla Baron- the three Muskrateers- Batazons- and yes... more! Finally- unable to evade the inescapable- everyone has to face the music and their real responsibilities- no matter how mundane. With stunning artwork and a story crammed with so much fun and imagination- everyone will love it!

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