BLACK SUMMER TP (MR) (08/10/2022)


(W) Ellis, Warren (A) Ryp, Juan Jose (C) Ryp, Juan Jose
StockID: 51161 SKU: JUL221255

The eight issue series that was the biggest event of 2007 has now been collected in this deluxe trade paperback with a brand new cover! Warren Ellis' eight-issue opus of masked hero revolution- Black Summer- perfectly complimented by the stunning and explosive art of the genius Juan Jose Ryp- is nothing less than a sequential masterpiece. The world goes black in this epic story of super-powered heroes and villains. The story begins when the political situation in the United States becomes more than Horus can stand- and he moves to take matters into his own hands. Unfortunately- not all of his other team-mates are quite so eager to throw the world into chaos- and an epic conflict forms.With Horus and the rest of the surviving Guns facing off against the military and each other- no one is safe as the bodies start to fall. Whether you collected each of the eight issues as they hit the stands- or you somehow missed this incredible event- the Black Summer trade is a must-have for your shelf!

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