(W) Gill, Joe (A) Giordano, Dick
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Synopsis: CHARLTON - GORGO VOL 1 June 1961 - January 1962 Issues #1 - #5 After a seaquake- a huge lizard-like creature walked out of the ocean and almost destroyed a fishing village in Ireland. Fortunately for the village- the same quake that brought the 65 foot monster to land has also grounded a salvage ship- the crew of which proved up to the task of capturing the beast. Instead of killing it- or turning it over to the government- they decided to take it to London and put it on display for profit. Looking to be a huge success- things became more complicated when it was discovered the monster- dubbed Gorgo- was really just a youngster and it's 200 foot tall mother was coming for him. After a pitched battle with the British army- Gorga's mother- Ogra- was able to free her child and they both went lumbering back to the sea. That- however- was not the last the world heard of Gorgo. Apparently having found a taste for the land- the young monster began to make regular visits there. At the same time- governments- scientists- and even would-be world conquerors pursued Gorgo and his mother for their own ends. This led Gorgo to finding himself in a succession of dangerous situations- from battling other giant primitive monsters- to control by mad scientists- to even at one point inadvertently preventing World War III. And to quote the fans - 'Ditkos' artwork just engulfs you into the storyline!'

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