PINK BUNNY PLAY TIME GN (A) (C: 1-0-0) (08/10/2022)


(W) Sid, Alice (A) Sid, Alice (C) Sid, Alice
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Satoshi Kurakawa loves outer space - more than he loves video games- socializing- or girls. However- one night as he admires the moon- a bunny girl shows up… in his telescope?! Furthermore- this bunny girl magically transports to his room and delivers to him the most unusual ultimatum as consequence for seeing her: he can either go back to the moon with her or be slaughtered mercilessly! Satoshi isn't too keen on either idea- but this bunny girl is going to pull out some super sexy moves in order to change his mind! These cute bunny girls know what's up- and they're more than willing to show him how it's done! Also included is a spicy short story of a cold-hearted mistress and her servant- who is dedicated to both her well-being and her sexual education.

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