SEXUAL DEMON GN (A) (C: 1-1-1) (09/28/2022)


SEXUAL DEMON GN (A) (C: 1-1-1)
(W) Flanvia, (A) flanvia,
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Ditzy demons leave you in a daze! There's a local legend of a dense demon that roams the halls of a sports stadium who does nothing but partake in two things: drinking the finest summer beer and consuming the seed of the team's virgin star athletes! Rumor has it that if you find her and make her orgasm- miraculous comebacks can happen- and one player is about to find out it's more than just an urban legend! With each climax- home runs start racking up wins for the home team and this sluggar thinks he can game this system with some light foreplay with the demon. But as the final game starts with the championship on the line- the demon wants more than just her sweet spot stimulated-she wants this power hitter to knock her out of the park!

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