KISS BLOOD STARDUST #1 Dynamite Rodney Buchemi Variant Giant Size X-Men 1 Homage (10/24/2018)


(W) Hill, Bryan (A) Buchemi, Rodney (C) Buchemi, Rodney
D. E.
StockID: 85920 Diamond#: AUG181128

KISS returns to rock'n'roll and save the world! An immortal cabal is taking the lives of innocents and the only ones who can stop them are KISS! The only problem…they are dead. And now they have to make a deal with a demon to save their souls and return to Earth to fight evil! Join Bryan Edward Hill (The Wildstorm: Michael Cray- Postal) and Rodney Buchemi (Death of Hawkman- The Librarians) as they bring you the KISS series we have all been waiting for!

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