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DEAD KINGS #4 Aftershock (01/30/2019)

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(W) Orlando, Steve (A) Smith, Matthew Dow (C) Smith, Matthew Dow
StockID: 95765 Diamond#: NOV181433

THE POST-POST-APOCALYPSE REACHES ITS BOILING POINT! In the forests of hypermodern folklore- a rusted-out warrior raises her fists and beckons to her this the final fight for Maria Kamenaya? Sasha Vasnetsov finally has the tools for his brother's liberation: will- drive- and a stolen warsuit capable of decimating legions. The only problem is- he had to abandon the suit's owner- Maria- to get it. After weeks on the road together- is that betrayal something his soul can handle? Or will he put a pin in his vengeance and turn his guns backward to help a friend...? From Steve Orlando (Batman/Shadow- Crude- Midnighter- Virgil) and Matthew Dow Smith (Oc-tober Girl- Suicide Squad- X-Files) comes a vision of humanity after a disastrous World War of Mechs and Magic.

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