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UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #41 Marvel Erica Henderson (02/13/2019)

  • $3.99

(W) North, Ryan (A) Franquiz, Naomi (C) Henderson, Erica
StockID: 98335 Diamond#: DEC180990

• In the past months- Squirrel Girl has battled Kraven- rescued NYC from supernatural silence- kinda-maybe died and also fought Skrulls! So now it's time for a nice break…which is why in THIS issue- Squirrel Girl does nothing but watch public domain movies on television! • That's right! She just sits there! You can kinda see the TV screen over her shoulder in a couple of panels- but that's it! It's really quiet and relaxing and nothing much happens. • … • …THAT IS- UNTIL NANCY WHITEHEAD AND ANOTHER ESU STUDENT BY THE NAME OF PETER PARKER ARE TAKEN HOSTAGE BY A SUPER VILLAIN INTENT ON PROVING THAT SHE'S THE SMARTEST PERSON ON THE PLANET! • Then it's super hero battles featuring THOR and SHE-HULK on a DATE! SQUIRREL GIRL matching wits against MS. QUIZZLER! And MORE! • Artist Naomi Franquiz makes her MARVEL DEBUT in a stanalone adventure you won't want to miss! Rated T

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