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SIM CITY #1 DAVE TO KILL FOR Aardvark Sin City Frank Miller Homage (02/27/2019)

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(W) Sim, Dave (A) Hobbs, Benjamin (C) Hobbs, Bob
StockID: 98742 Diamond#: DEC181397

Now with no reprints! Epic-length all-in-one 24-page issue! 29% new art! Waves of heavily-armed Spartans pouring out of the Santa Monica Mountains onto the northbound collector lanes of Highway 405; equally heavily-armed Persians streaming south from the vicinity of Van Nuys Airport. And what's up with all the little-flesh colored band-aids on Cerebus' face? Thrill to the off-panel Battle of the San Fernando Valley! Snore through the 9-volt electric battery powered motorcycle chase between Cerebus and King Leonidas! Try to guess whose surprise 100th birthday party it's all leading up to! (hint) Ayn Rand- Joe Gill- and Ray Gill are among the celebrity-studded guest list.

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