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POWERS IN ACTION #4 Action Lab Art Baltazar (02/27/2019)

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(W) Baltazar, Art (A) Baltazar, Art (C) Baltazar, Art
StockID: 98754 Diamond#: DEC181409

Suplex and Dogplex must face the evil Suplexians when they come to retrieve their… dog? That's right- fans! The Suplexians are here to take back the powers and the dog that belongs to the world of Suplexia! Suplex is forced into a fight to the finish! The loser must give up the powers or leave Earth forever! Will our hero be banished? Or does Suplex have a chance to defeat the evil TRIO from space? How does the hero sqauadron play into this? Join us for the epic conclusion to the first mini-series story arc! Based on the vintage super hero creations of famous cartoonist Art Baltazar! AW YEAH!

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