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SWEETIE #1 Action Lab (02/27/2019)

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(W) Dillon, Sean (A) Dillon, Sean (C) Dillon, Sean
StockID: 98756 Diamond#: DEC181411

Maggie isn't your typical comic book- cartoon- and action movie fangirl. Through keen observation and unbending determination- she has taught herself all the death-defying stunts and fighting styles of her favorite action stars and superheroes! Unfortunately- Maggie has kept her eccentric hobby to herself- ever since it earned her the label of 'nerd' among her classmates. After all- superheroes and evil villains are all kid stuff... right? Wrong! The day before she begins high school- Maggie has a run-in with an evil mastermind and his sinister mercenary group. After years of training- it's up to Maggie to be the self-taught superhero the city needs! But with bad guys crawling out of the woodwork and the daunting unknown of a high school ahead of her- can she really take on the world alone?

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