BLASTOSAURUS Volume 1 by Golden Apple Books by Richard Fairgray and Paul Eiding

  • $11.99

(W) Fairgray, Richard (A) Fairgray, Richard (C) Fairgray, Richard
Diamond#: DEC181885

Tabitha and Richard's lives are changed forever when they discover a mutant triceratops living in their city. One day they're regular kids looking for adventure, now adventures are finding them and their new BFF, Blastosaurus! From robots to inter-dimensional chickens, meatball monsters to a mysterious laundromat, their lives are now a whirlwind of excitement and possibility!

This action/fantasy all-ages book is big- stupid fun- grounded by a real emotional core and the most human dinosaur you'll ever meet! Perfect all-ages comic for fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- Gravity Falls and Will Eisner's The Spirit.

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