Blastosaurus Halloween ComicFest Pack of 25 Mini Comics


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Want to give out comics (and candy) this year to Trick-Or-Treaters at your home on Halloween?

Our all-ages comic series, Blastosaurus, was chosen as one of only nine publishers for this year's Halloween ComicFest on October 26.

We have bundles of 25 Blasto Mini Comics for only $5.00 with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA and guaranteed to arrive by October 25th if you order today.

Info on this all-new 12-page story:

Everyone loves a carnival! The rides, the games, and the prizes. Especially the prizes! Cute, poorly made stuffed animals that sort of look like characters you know. When Richard sees one the resembles his buddy Blastosaurus, he knows that he has to win it. It's just a plush toy, right? Or is this stuffed Blasto something else entirely? It's chills and laughter as Richard, Tabby and Blasto discover that the spookiest part of the carnival is definitely not the Ghost Train!

Rating: All-Ages

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