CONAN THE BARBARIAN EXODUS #1 2nd Print Esad Ribic Variant (09/18/2019) MARVEL



StockID: 117368 Diamond#: JUL198192

MAN VS. NATURE IN THE NEVER-BEFORE-TOLD STORY OF CONAN'S FIRST JOURNEY FROM CIMMERIA! Long have the stories told of CONAN- who came from the frozen hills of his homeland- Cimmeria- to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth in the Hyborian Age - but now you will witness the epic tale of the young barbarian's first journey from home from visionary creator Esad Ribic! Fifteen winters in Cimmeria have toughened the young Conan- but his greatest challenge lies ahead. Braving the elements- without food- without shelter- without weapons- Conan must learn to survive even as nature itself conspires to stop him. The snow freezes his bones. The wolves smell his blood. But if he can reach civilization- will his wounds heal…or will his troubles just begin? With a majestic scope underscored by the completely visual narrative- don't miss this truly special moment in Conan's story and an unprecedented issue in Marvel Comics publication history!

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