Nyx #1 S 1:11 Ken Haeser GS TMNT Homage FOC Bonus Variant (11/10/2021) Dynamite


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(W) Gage, Christos (A) Borstel, Marc (C) Parrillo, Lucio
StockID: 214026 Diamond#: AUG218956

From the pages of Vampirella and Sacred Six comes Nyx- daughter of a human and the mad god Chaos himself! Nyx's mortal side has been growing stronger- troubling her with all-too human emotions. Fortunately (for her)- there's still the side of her that transforms into a demon of living flame...and requires her to feed on the life force of living beings to survive. Can a half-demon find her place in our world...happiness...even love? Probably not- as she's about to get dragged into her dad's workplace problem.

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