Dark Nights Metal with Francesco Mattina has been an amazing run.  We have something that is very METAL to wrap up the run.  We were lucky enough to get Metal Foil treatment on Teen Titans 12 and Dark Nights Metal 3 Francesco Mattina.

LTD to 3000 of each cover

Sold in sets of 2 for $50 and individually for $30 each.  Here are some mock ups of the covers.  The books will receive the typical foil treatment that you have seen on graffiti variants from comic conventions like SDCC, NYCC and more. 

Teen Titans 12 Foil Variant Dark Nights Metal 1st Batman Who Laughs Golden Apple Comics

Dark Nights Metal 3 Francesco Mattina Foil Variant Batman Who Laughs Golden Apple Comics

Check out our Metal section for all of our great Francesco Mattina variants.

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March 17, 2018 — Golden Apple