Golden Apple Corps

Golden Apple Corps is our in-store subscription service for local Los Angeles customers. 


If you already are a member, scroll to the bottom for monthly update links.  

Click Here To Signed Up For A In-Store Subscription

(We check this form once a week, usually on Monday's. You won't get an email unless you didn't also fill out the Sub Update forms above as well. Feel free to call us or email us directly if you want to make sure we received your sign up sheet:

(323) 658-6047 or

To join the Golden Apple Corps pull list for weekly in-store pick up there are some rules, but also if you subscribe to 5 or more monthly titles there are benefits as well.  


10% off all new single-issue comics (with a minimum of 5 monthly titles)

Free Combo (Bag & Board) with purchase of each new comic title (with a minimum of 5 monthly titles)





CREDIT CARD ON FILE (To be used ONLY if we don't see you for two or more months, a pandemic or other emergency. We will get this info in person or on the phone)


(For mail order, please use main website for ordering, payment and shipping)

By signing up for a Golden Apple subscription you are agreeing to purchase comics we place on special order from our distributors for you.

Subscribers will automatically be given the standard "A" cover of all titles. If you want a specific cover, you may try and pre-order those from our website. 

We ask that you give us reliable methods to contact you to maintain quality service as well as an active credit card on file in regards to your account.

You are authorizing Golden Apple to charge your credit card if you go more than 10 weeks without coming in or contacting us. We can hold comics for an extended period of time past 10 weeks with proper approval. 

Store staff can help recommend, add and delete titles from your pull list, but you are solely responsible for remembering and maintaining your pull list for the titles you wish to subscribe to. You WILL be required to purchase everything you ask for. If you do not wish to subscribe to a title any longer, contact us ASAP as we have to commit our orders 25 days in advance of products shipping to our store. Any changes (adds & drops) communicated fewer than 25 days prior to release are not guaranteed. 

New requests for "hot" or speculative comics will be filled for subscription member requests before the general public, but are not guaranteed.

To edit your pull list, please do the following:

IN PERSON : Talk to any of our employees at the store to help with any adjustments.

PHONE: Call us at (323) 658- 6047. We’re open Sun/Mon 12pm-5pm, Tues-Saturday 11am-7pm 

E-MAIL: Send a message to for any questions or additions or subtractions to your pull.

Check the GA CORPS tab at WWW.GOLDENAPPLECOMICS.COM for information as well as Update lists for upcoming titles and a list of what we get in each week.

Once you are signed up, here is what will happen

You will receive weekly emails with lists of new titles shipping to Golden Apple. 

You will also receive periodic reminders to update your pull list through our GA Corps tab on the website

Your 10% discount on new comics will begin immediately if you signed up for a minimum of 5 monthly titles. 

You are required to pick up comics in your pull box on a regular basis, at least once a month. If you can't make it for any reason, please let us know so we can either hold for a longer period or make arrangements to ship them to you. 

Thanks for joining the Golden Apple Corps!!  

However, If you are already a pull list customer: CLICK ON THE PICTURES BELOW TO CHOOSE TITLES TO SUBSCRIBE TO WITH OUR NEW ONLINE UPDATE FORMS. If you have just a few titles you want to ADD or CANCEL, you can always EMAIL US:  

*Policy Reminder: If you ADD ANY Title to your Pull List, you are required to purchase each issue until you inform us that you no longer wish to subscribe to that title. You can always call, come into the shop or email us anytime: 

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Click Here To Update Your In Store Subscription