Looking for the keys? Let us help you find them with our newly minted Comic Book Key Issues section.  We just added some books from a new collection we purchased. The highlights include New Mutants 98 the 1st appearance of Deadpool, Amazing Spider-Man 361 1st Carnage, Uncanny X-Men 266 1st Gambit! :

New Mutants 98 Marvel 1st Appearance Deadpool Domino Movie Cable

With the Deadpool 2 movie quickly approaching New Mutants 98 is a desirable key issue.

Amazing Spider-Man 361 1st Appearance Carnage Venom For Sale Golden Apple Comics

Amazing Spider-Man 361 has been seeing a lot of heat lately due to the upcoming Venom movie.

Uncanny X-Men 266 Marvel 1st Appearance Gambit For Sale Golden Apple Comics

Will they ever make this X-Men Gambit movie?  It's been up in the air as much as it has been confirmed.  Uncanny X-Men 266 is his 1st appearance.  This copy is a newsstand edition.

Also just added keys include the Batman The Killing Joke 1st Print, Tales Of The Teen Titans 44 1st Nightwing and Uncanny X-Men 141 Days Of Future Past.