Hello Golden Apple subscriber. We know that the LA lockdown has effected everyone and we just wanted to give you all the info you need to keep reading comic books during this difficult time.

Currently, Golden Apple is closed to the public. You can't come in as you normally do and browse the racks searching for something to read. We are not sure when we will be able to reopen our doors, so for now we are trying a few new things out to help us and you. First, we are calling all of you this week. Since we can't open the doors for several weeks, we need your input, support and commitment more than ever. We are asking for a small (or large) deposit to continue to hold your comics until we reopen. The money will stay on your account and can be used for all purchases, now or later. It will give us some money to keep our operation going and be there for you when we reopen for normal business. If you want to take care of this now before we call you, please CALL US (323) 658-6047 between 12pm-5pm daily and we can assist you.

Here's some good news: You can still buy comics from Golden Apple and we are still getting new comics each week (for now). Also, we are able to sell the comics immediately after we get them so once we have them, you can buy them starting on Tuesday's! There are a few ways in which you can get your comics:

1) Call the shop between 12pm-5pm at (323) 658-6047 and someone will help you place a phone order and check your pull box. You can still add/delete titles as normal and you have TWO OPTIONS on how to get them: Pick up from back parking lot using our "Comic Book Car Hop Service" OR have them mailed to you for only $6.99 flat anywhere in USA.

2) Email us directly at: orders@goldenapplecomics.com

You can PRINT THE UPDATE SHEET BELOW or browse online from a list and email us all the new titles you want to subscribe to. We are still operating inside the shop and need this vital info so we know how many copies of the new comics to buy.

You can either buy them directly from our webstore or use this list to research new comics you want to buy in-store. We keep separate inventory so some of the items that appear "sold out" online may still be in-stock in-store. For instance, we still have most of the new releases from LAST WEEK, which is why it is included here. Also, if you choose to buy online, you can choose "IN-STORE PICK UP" for your shipping option (drive-up Car Hop Service in the back parking lot) or have them shipped to you at home during the lockdown.

You can also buy a Gift Certificate from us to use In-Store NOW. That amount will get put on your account at the shop and you will not receive a call from us this week about a deposit or pre-payment. It is a quick way to show your support and tell us that you are committed to buying your comics from us now or when the lockdown is over. We have them for $25, $50 and $100. CLICK HERE FOR THAT LINK

We did our first round of phone calls yesterday and had an overwhelming response from our Golden Apple Corps (that's what we used to call the sub members group). Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to help keep our small family business going though these uncertain days. Any deposit or gift certificate you buy will greatly help us at this time and can be used on a store filled with goodies to read and collect.

I always quote the great Keanu Reeves at the end of my blogs, and it couldn't be a more important saying these days;

Be excellent to each other,

Ryan aka Burleyman


March 23, 2020 — Golden Apple