FEARLESS #2 (OF 3) B Jenny FRISON CONNECTING Variant (08/21/2019) MARVEL


(W) McGuire, Seanan (A) Roe, Claire
StockID: 117324 Diamond#: JUN190957

CELEBRATE THE WOMEN OF MARVEL WITH ALL-NEW STORIES! First- a star-studded adventure by Hugo-nominated writer Seanan McGuire! For Captain Marvel of the Avengers- Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four and Storm of the X-Men- a seemingly simple day at a leadership camp for girls is turning out to be MUCH more complicated - and dangerous! - than they'd bargained for. Then- GWENPOOL- PUNISHER and Rick and Morty veteran Karla Pacheco dives into the dangerous world of Night Nurse! And don't miss your dose of Herstory with profiles on classic and contemporary creators!

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