Alice Cooper Vs Chaos Tp (C: 0-1-2) (04/22/2020)


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(W) Seeley, Tim (A) Terry, Jim (C) Chin, Joyce
StockID: 145958 Diamond#: MAR201305

It's the ultimate heavy metal crossover- as rock n' roll legend Alice Cooper crosses paths with the fiends of the Chaos! Comics universe! When bizarre dreams plague Evil Ernie- Chastity- and Purgatori- they put aside their bitter rivalries to hunt down the Lord of Nightmares... Alice Cooper himself. However- the sinister showman no longer holds dominion over the night. Something evil has bastardized the Dream Probe- a tool once used to treat Ernest Fairchild's mental illness- to spread rampant fear.... something with deadly venom- malevolent kin- and a reach that coils around the world. It's up to Alice Cooper and his unlikely allies to save the sanity of (and then blow the minds of) metalheads everywhere!

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