CATWOMAN #5 B DC Stanley Lau Artgerm Variant (11/14/2018)


(W) Jones, Jodlle (A) Jones, Jodlle (C) Lau, Stanley
StockID: 88724 Diamond#: SEP180460

A secret hideout is supposed to be just that-secret. So how did her new villain's criminal crew know where to plant an explosive in Selina's new pad? As if that blow-up weren't bad enough- the cops come calling and arrest Selina for murder. Locked up without bail- Catwoman finds that she isn't very popular in jail- and must fight the other inmates just to stay alive and avoid a shiv. Will she make a deal with her new nemesis- that cagey Creel- or is orange the new black for Selina's foreseeable future?

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