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BETTIE PAGE #4 B Dynamite Scott Chantler Variant (04/10/2019)

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(W) Avallone, David (A) Ohta, Julius (C) Chantler, Scott
D. E.
StockID: 98484 Diamond#: DEC181139

Flying saucers in the sky- treason on the ground- and only two brave young women can save the world from invasion and domination. Lucky for us those two women are the Queen of Pin-ups and the Queen of England! If you thought DOWNTON ABBEY was great but needed more extraterrestrials (and who didn't?)- you'll want to read the fourth chapter of this Bettie Page adventure- brought to you by David Avallone (Elvira: Mistress of the Dark- Twilight Zone: The Shadow) and Julius Ohta (Sherlock Holmes).

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