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DEAD KINGS #5 Aftershock Steve Orlando (04/10/2019)

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(W) Orlando, Steve (A) Smith, Matthew Dow (C) Smith, Matthew Dow
StockID: 98793 Diamond#: DEC181448

AN EXPLOSIVE FINALE IN THE ASHES OF A FALLEN EMPIRE! The wreck of the Rus Empire is a violent- rusted sprawl cut across an aging continent. The Oprichnik Secret Police hold a fragile order in place by removing all the socially dissident from society...these are the Chorts- the scapegoated devils of the new word...and they deserve freedom. DEAD KINGS brings it to them. On the border of a dried up Black Sea- Sasha Vasnetsov and Maria Kamenaya have brought war to Barracks 33 to free Sasha's brother Gena. As the barbed wire fences fall- a family reunites in the furnace of rebellion - they may free thousands- but is it too late to save their brotherhood? Steve Orlando (Wonder Woman- Shadow/Batman- Midnighter- CRUDE) and Matthew Dow Smith (October Girl- Suicide Squad- X-Files) keep punching with captured hearts and torn fists in this post-POST apocalyptic tale. 'Russian folklore meets Blade Runner…' - Darryn Bonthuys- Critical Hit

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