Official Sparrow Press Release Lindsey Stirling Comic published by Golden Apple and Aspen Comics

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Press Release: July 17, 2017

Critically acclaimed electronic violinist and author Lindsey Stirling has announced plans to put out her first comic book titled SPARROW, scheduled to release in November through Golden Apple Books and Aspen Comics.

Creatively overseen, written and drawn by Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, The Boys and Happy!) with additional co-writing from R. Eric Lieb and inks from Brandon Mckinney, SPARROW will roll out as a 6-issue arc comic book series. Lindsey is involved in the creative process, giving ideas, direction and feedback on character designs and the story, which follows a girl struggling to survive in a world where light and hope are quickly disappearing.

In the story, those in charge have stolen the planet’s energy for themselves, stripping the average person of wealth, dignity, and even their names. After finding a piece of an ancient object and stowing away on a pirate ship, Sparrow embarks on an incredible journey, discovering that by being strong and brave, one girl can not only find her place in the world, but she can change it.

To buy an exclusive autographed art print and poster from Comic-Con 2017, click on the pictures below. Both signed by Lindsey Stirling, art print also signed by cover artist David Mack and poster also signed by Sparrow creator/writer/artist Darick Robertson!

Check back for more updates on the series including pre-sales on posters, art prints, comics, signings and more....

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